9 Best Top Cracked Minecraft Servers List 2024

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Checkout top cracked Minecraft servers list 2024. so, minecraft, a sandbox video game created by Mojang Studios, has taken the gaming world by storm. With its limitless possibilities and immersive gameplay, Minecraft allows players to build, explore, and survive in a blocky virtual world.

Cracked Minecraft servers are unofficial servers that enable players to connect and play the game without owning a legitimate copy.

Cracked Minecraft servers provide an avenue for gamers to explore the vast and imaginative world of Minecraft without needing an official game license.

These servers offer a unique experience for players, allowing them to join a community of like-minded individuals, engage in exciting game modes, and unleash their creativity.

In this article, we will delve into the realm of cracked Minecraft servers, explore their benefits, and provide a guide to finding the best servers available.

So, let’s dig in and embark on an extraordinary gaming journey together!

Please note that using cracked versions of Minecraft and playing on cracked servers is against the game’s terms of service and can be considered illegal in some jurisdictions. It’s always recommended to support the developers by purchasing the official game.

What is Cracked Minecraft Servers?

Cracked Minecraft servers are privately hosted servers that modify the game’s authentication process, allowing players without a valid game license to connect. 

These servers offer an alternative experience for those who may not have the means to purchase the official game or want to try it out before making a purchase. 

By removing the license verification, players can access the game and its multiplayer features without restrictions.

You can join and use these best cracked minecraft servers for bridging practice.

Benefits of Cracked Minecraft Servers

Cracked Minecraft servers provide several advantages to players. Firstly, they offer an opportunity for gamers to test the game and its various servers before investing in an official copy. 

Additionally, these servers foster a diverse and vibrant community, bringing together players from all walks of life who share a common passion for Minecraft. 

Cracked servers often feature unique modifications and plugins, introducing exciting game modes and enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

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Top cracked minecraft servers List

1. PikaNetwork

Server IPplay.pika-network.net
Bedrock IPbedrock.pika.host
Bedrock Port19132
LocationUnited States
Last Check1 minute(s) ago
Total votes41840

PikaNetwork, a leading Minecraft cracked server that has been delighting players since its establishment in 2014. Their primary mission has always been to provide endless excitement and entertainment to the community.

With an array of captivating game modes, including BedWars, Classic SkyBlock, Factions, Kit-PvP, Lifesteal, OP Factions, OP Lifesteal, OP Prison, OP SkyBlock, Practice, SkyWars, and Survival, they cater to diverse gaming preferences.

At PikaNetwork, they take pride in our extensive selection of game modes, ensuring that players of all tastes and preferences can find their ideal Minecraft experience. Whether you enjoy strategic battles in BedWars, resource management in SkyBlock, intense PvP in Kit-PvP, or cooperative faction gameplay, they have something for everyone.

PikaNetwork cracked server allows players to join and enjoy the Minecraft experience without the need for a premium account.

This inclusivity has helped us build a vibrant and diverse community of players from around the world. they believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy Minecraft and connect with like-minded individuals, regardless of their account status.

2. JartexNetwork

Server IPplay.jartexnetwork.com
Bedrock IPbedrock.jartex.fun
Bedrock Port19132
LocationUnited States
Last Check2 minute(s) ago
Total votes23970

JartexNetwork, a prominent Minecraft-cracked server that has gained immense popularity in the gaming community.

Since its inception in 2015, JartexNetwork has been dedicated to providing an exceptional gaming experience by developing unique plugins.

There’s something for every Minecraft enthusiast with a diverse range of thrilling game modes such as Factions, SkyBlock, Prison, Survival, Lifesteal, KitPvP, PracticePvP, Bedwars, SkyWars, and TheBridge.

At JartexNetwork, they understand the importance of offering various game modes to cater to different preferences. Whether you’re a fan of intense PvP battles, cooperative faction gameplay, or engaging survival challenges, our server has it all. their meticulously crafted game modes guarantee hours of excitement and entertainment.

To join the action, visit play.jartexnetwork.com and experience the thrill of playing on one of the largest Minecraft-cracked servers.

JartexNetwork server provides a welcoming and vibrant community of players from all around the world. Connect with like-minded individuals, form alliances, and embark on unforgettable adventures in the vast virtual landscapes of Minecraft.

Don’t miss out on the excitement!

Join JartexNetwork today and discover why they have become a preferred destination for Minecraft enthusiasts. Engage in thrilling battles, build impressive structures, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

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3. AppleMc

Server IPplay.applemc.fun
Bedrock IPplay.applemc.fun
Bedrock Port19132
LocationUnited Kingdom
Last Check3 minute(s) ago
Total votes12320

AppleMC stands out as one of the finest cracked Minecraft servers available. With a dedicated focus on delivering an exceptional gaming experience, AppleMC offers a plethora of engaging game modes, seamless performance, and a vibrant community.

Whether you’re into survival challenges, intense PvP battles, or immersive faction gameplay, AppleMC has it all.

Join today and discover why AppleMC is recognized as one of the top choices for players seeking the best cracked Minecraft server experience.

4. HylexMC

Server IPplay.HylexMC.net
Bedrock IPbr.HylexMC.net
Bedrock Port19132
LocationUnited Kingdom
Last Check2 minute(s) ago
Total votes8689

HylexMC is undoubtedly one of the most commendable cracked Minecraft servers available today.

Renowned for its exceptional quality and immersive gameplay, HylexMC offers a remarkable gaming experience for Minecraft enthusiasts. With a diverse range of engaging game modes, players can delve into thrilling adventures and create unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re a fan of intense PvP battles, cooperative faction gameplay, or challenging survival experiences, HylexMC has something for everyone.

The server provides a seamless and lag-free environment, ensuring smooth gameplay and maximum enjoyment. The dedicated team behind HylexMC consistently works to deliver regular updates, new features, and innovative gameplay enhancements to keep players engaged.

One of the standout features of HylexMC is its vibrant and welcoming community. Players worldwide come together to share their passion for Minecraft, forming lasting friendships and alliances.

The server fosters a positive and inclusive atmosphere where players can connect, collaborate, and embark on epic adventures together.

HylexMC understands the importance of player satisfaction and actively listens to the community’s feedback, incorporating suggestions to improve the overall experience. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on player enjoyment, HylexMC has solidified its reputation as one of the top choices for those seeking a high-quality, cracked Minecraft server.

Join HylexMC today and immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities. Experience the thrill, excitement, and camaraderie that make HylexMC a standout destination for Minecraft enthusiasts.

5. FruitySMP

Server IPplay.fruitysmp.com
Bedrock IPplay.fruitysmp.com
Bedrock Port19132
LocationUnited Kingdom
Last Check2 minute(s) ago
Total votes6541

FruitySMP stands proudly as Minecraft’s premier LGBTQ+ Minecraft Server, catering to both Java and Bedrock Edition players.

Its inception arose from the quest of Monjii, a passionate content creator, to establish a secure haven for their vibrant community.

Our server thrives as a welcoming and accepting space, fostering a spirit of camaraderie within our survival-oriented world.

We extend an open invitation to all individuals, embracing diversity in all its forms. We wholeheartedly invite you to join us in our immersive gaming experience.

6. UltimisMC

Bedrock IPbedrock.ultimismc.com
Bedrock Port19132
LocationUnited States
Last Check1 minute(s) ago
Total votes5836

UltimisMC proudly stands as one of the leading cracked Minecraft servers available today. With its exceptional gameplay and dedicated community, UltimisMC has secured its position as the pinnacle of the cracked server scene.

Offering an immersive experience for players who do not possess an official Minecraft account, UltimisMC provides a wide range of features and game modes to explore.

Whether engaging in intense PvP battles, collaborating on creative builds, or embarking on thrilling survival adventures, UltimisMC caters to all playstyles. With a thriving player base and regular updates, UltimisMC continues to redefine the cracked Minecraft server experience.

7. Gamster.org

Last Check2 minute(s) ago
Total votes3396

Gamster is one of the leading cracked Minecraft servers, earning its place among the top-ranked servers in the list. With its exceptional features and vibrant community, Gamster provides an immersive gaming experience for players without official Minecraft accounts.

What sets Gamster apart is its recognition as one of the best cracked Minecraft servers for bridging practice. It offers a dedicated environment where players can refine their bridging skills, honing their ability to traverse gaps and obstacles swiftly.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Gamster provides a platform for players to enhance their bridging techniques and compete with others.

Join Gamster today and discover a world of endless possibilities. Engage in various game modes, including survival, creativity, and minigames, while being part of a welcoming community. With regular updates and a commitment to providing a seamless gaming experience, Gamster remains a top choice for Minecraft enthusiasts seeking a high-quality, cracked server.

8. Twerion.net

Server IPsmc.twerion.net
Bedrock IPbedrock.Twerion.net
Bedrock Port19132
Last Check2 minute(s) ago
Total votes3209

werion.net stands tall as the ultimate destination for cracked Minecraft players seeking an unparalleled gaming experience. Renowned as one of the best cracked Minecraft servers, Twerion.net offers a wide range of features and an active community that sets it apart.

As a leading contender in the cracked Minecraft servers list, Twerion.net embraces players who don’t have an official Minecraft account, providing them with the opportunity to delve into the captivating world of Minecraft.

Twerion.net allows players to enjoy various game modes, including survival, creativity, skyblock, and more.

Engage in epic PvP battles, unravel intricate redstone contraptions, or showcase your creativity by building masterpieces—limitless possibilities. The server boasts regular updates, ensuring all players a fresh and dynamic gameplay experience.

What truly sets Twerion.net apart is its commitment to providing a seamless experience without needing login credentials.

It caters to those searching for cracked Minecraft servers without login requirements, offering convenience and accessibility.

Join Twerion.net today and discover why it is the epitome of excellence among cracked Minecraft servers.

9. UltraNetwork

LocationUnited States
Last Check3 minute(s) ago
Total votes853

Ultranetwork stands proudly as the premier cracked Minecraft server, earning its place at the top of the cracked Minecraft servers list. With a dedicated focus on providing an exceptional gaming experience for players without official Minecraft accounts, Ultranetwork has garnered a reputation for excellence.

It offers a diverse range of features and game modes that cater to various playstyles and interests.

One notable aspect that sets Ultranetwork apart is its recognition as one of the best cracked Minecraft servers for bridging practice.

It offers a unique environment where players can hone their bridging skills, mastering the art of swiftly traversing obstacles. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice seeking to improve, Ultranetwork provides the perfect platform for enhancing your bridging abilities.

Join Ultranetwork today and immerse yourself in an unparalleled cracked Minecraft experience. Explore captivating game modes, forge new friendships, and elevate your bridging prowess. With regular updates and a thriving community, Ultranetwork is a haven for Minecraft enthusiasts seeking a top-tier cracked server.

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Tips for an Enhanced Cracked Minecraft Experience

So, as you know, everyone, Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that allows players to unleash their creativity and explore virtual worlds. 

Cracked versions of Minecraft provide an alternative way for players to enjoy the game without purchasing an official license. 

Now, we will provide tips on having a great cracked Minecraft experience, ensuring smooth gameplay and enhanced enjoyment.

  • Use a Reliable Cracked Minecraft Launcher: To start your cracked Minecraft adventure, you’ll need a reliable launcher. Various cracked launchers are available online, but it’s essential to choose one that is safe and frequently updated. Reliable launchers will ensure compatibility with the latest Minecraft versions, offer stability, and provide additional features like mod support and customizable settings.
  • Update Your Game Regularly: Minecraft updates often include bug fixes, performance improvements, and exciting new features. To have the best gameplay experience, update your cracked version regularly. Check for updates from your launcher or trusted Minecraft community forums, where you can find reliable sources for updated cracked game files.
  • Install Optifine: Optifine is a popular Minecraft optimization mod that enhances performance and graphics. It provides various settings to optimize your game, such as adjustable render distances, improved frame rates, and advanced graphical effects. Installing Optifine can significantly enhance your cracked Minecraft experience, making it smoother and more visually appealing.
  • Play on Stable Servers: Multiplayer is an integral part of Minecraft, and playing on stable servers can greatly enhance your experience. Look for reputable cracked Minecraft servers that prioritize stability, provide regular updates, and have active communities. These servers often offer unique gameplay modes, custom mods, and events, allowing you to enjoy the game with others in a secure and enjoyable environment.
  • Explore Modded Minecraft: One of the advantages of cracked Minecraft is the ability to explore the vast world of mods. Mods can introduce new content, gameplay mechanics, and visual enhancements to Minecraft. You can find cracked versions of popular mod pack launchers like Feed The Beast (FTB) or Technic Launcher, which provide curated collections of mods for you to enjoy. Always download mods from trusted sources to ensure they are safe and compatible with your version of Minecraft.
  • Customize Your Gameplay with Resource Packs: Resource packs are a fantastic way to personalize the visual aspects of Minecraft. Cracked versions often support resource packs, allowing you to change textures, sounds, and even the game’s UI. Browse reputable Minecraft resource pack websites to find packs that match your preferred style or theme. Installing resource packs can breathe new life into the game and create a unique atmosphere tailored to your liking.
  • Engage in Minecraft Communities: Minecraft boasts a vibrant and enthusiastic community of players, modders, and content creators. Engaging with these communities can significantly enrich your cracked Minecraft experience. Join Minecraft forums, browse popular Minecraft subreddits, and follow Minecraft content creators on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Participating in these communities allows you to share experiences, gain inspiration, discover new mods, and connect with like-minded players.
  • Backup Your World Saves: Regularly backing up your world saves is crucial to prevent data loss and protect your progress. Cracked Minecraft versions can be more susceptible to issues or crashes, so it’s essential to create backups periodically. Copy and save your Minecraft World folder to an external storage device or cloud service. This way, even if something goes wrong, you can easily restore your progress and continue your adventure without starting from scratch.

Note: By following these tips, you can have an exceptional cracked Minecraft experience. Utilizing reliable launchers, staying updated, optimizing your game with mods and resource packs, playing on stable servers, and engaging with the Minecraft community will ensure you get the most out of your cracked Minecraft.


Are cracked servers safe to play on?

While some cracked servers may be safe, it’s important to be cautious as they can pose security risks. Stick to reputable servers and use reliable antivirus software.

How can I find the best cracked Minecraft servers?

Look for server listing websites and forums dedicated to Minecraft. They often feature user reviews, ratings, and server descriptions to help you find the best ones.

Can I play on cracked servers without purchasing Minecraft?

Yes, cracked servers allow players without a legitimate copy of Minecraft to join and play. However, it’s recommended to support the game developers by purchasing the official version.

Are cracked servers compatible with mods and plugins?

Yes, many cracked servers support mods and plugins, offering additional features and customization options. Check the server’s website or forum for details on mod/plugin compatibility.


So this is my final words about that, the world of cracked Minecraft servers offers a vibrant and diverse community for players seeking an alternative gaming experience. From the top-ranked servers to those dedicated to bridging practice, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

These servers provide a space for players without official Minecraft accounts to connect, collaborate, and embark on exciting adventures together.

While cracked Minecraft servers may offer access to some, it is important to acknowledge the importance of supporting game developers and respecting their terms and conditions.

Purchasing an official copy of Minecraft grants access to premium servers and supports the ongoing development and improvement of the game we all love.

We hope this article has provided insights into the top cracked Minecraft servers and their unique experiences.

We would love to hear from you if you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the article.

Your input helps us improve and provide valuable content to our readers. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and we look forward to your feedback!

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