How to Get Virtual Desktop for Free?

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In recent times, virtual desktops have become increasingly popular as people opt to work remotely. These desktops offer several benefits, including flexibility and cost savings, and it’s no wonder why many people are opting for them.

However, virtual desktops are not always cheap, and not everyone has the budget to pay for these services.

In this article, we will look at How to Get Virtual Desktop for Free.

What is Virtual Desktop?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is an architecture that allows desktop operating systems to be hosted on a server. These hosted desktops can be accessed remotely through a thin client or a web browser.

How to Get Virtual Desktop for Free

The architecture separates the desktop operating system from the hardware, allowing for greater flexibility and scalability. The virtual desktop can be customized to meet the needs of each user, including application access and configuration settings.

Benefits of Free Virtual Desktop Solutions

Virtual desktops offer several benefits that include:

  • Cost savings: With a virtual desktop, there is no need to invest in hardware, software, and maintenance. The virtual desktop provider is responsible for the infrastructure and maintenance, and users pay only for what they use.
  • Increased mobility and flexibility: Virtual desktops can be accessed from anywhere and any device. This means that users can work remotely or from different locations without any disruption.
  • Enhanced security: Virtual desktops are more secure than traditional desktops since the data is stored on the server and not on the local device. In addition, the virtual desktop provider ensures that the infrastructure is secure, including firewalls, intrusion detection, and prevention systems.
  • Simplified management: With a virtual desktop, the provider manages the infrastructure, including software updates, backups, and disaster recovery. This means that users don’t have to worry about managing the IT infrastructure, and they can focus on their work.

Free Virtual Desktop Services Provider List

Several virtual desktop providers offer free services, including:

  • Amazon WorkSpaces: Amazon WorkSpaces is a cloud-based virtual desktop service that offers free services for up to two users for 80 hours per month. After that, users are charged based on usage.
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop: Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop offers free services for up to 10 users with a 30-day trial. After that, users are charged based on usage.
  • VMware Horizon Cloud: VMware Horizon Cloud offers a 45-day trial for up to 10 users. After that, users are charged based on usage.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): OCI offers a free virtual desktop infrastructure for up to two users with 8GB of memory and 80GB of storage. Users can upgrade to paid plans based on their needs.
  • Kamatera : Overall, Kamatera’s Free Virtual Desktop solution provides organizations with a secure, scalable, and customizable way to access their desktops and applications from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Get 30 Days Free Trial!

How to Get a Virtual Desktop for Free from Kamatera

Kamatera offers a free trial of its virtual desktop service that provides you with a Windows or Linux desktop environment for a period of 30 Days Free Trial.

Here are the steps to get a free virtual desktop from Kamatera:

  • Visit the Kamatera website and sign up for an account by clicking on the Sign Upbutton on the top right corner of the kamatera homepage.
Kamatera Free Virtual Desktop Sign Up
  • Once you have created an account, log in to the Kamatera Cloud Management Console.
  • Click on the “Create Server” button and select “Desktop” as the server type.
  • Choose the specifications of the server, including the operating system, CPU, RAM, and storage.
  • Configure the network settings and select a data center location.
  • Review the server configuration and click on the “Create Server” button to launch your virtual desktop.
  • Connect to your virtual desktop using a remote desktop client like Microsoft Remote Desktop, which is available for free on Windows and Mac computers.
  • You can use the virtual desktop for 30 days, after which you can choose to subscribe to a paid plan if you wish to continue using the service.

It’s important to note that the kamatera free trial is only available once per customer, and you can only create one virtual desktop during the trial period.

Additionally, the free trial server has limited resources and may not be suitable for running resource-intensive applications or workloads.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Free Virtual Desktop

When using a free virtual desktop, it’s important to keep in mind some key considerations to ensure the best experience and to protect your data and privacy.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Security: While free virtual desktop services offer convenience, they may not always be as secure as paid options. Make sure the provider has robust security measures in place, including encryption, firewalls, and anti-virus protection. Always use strong and unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication for an added layer of security.
  • Bandwidth: Free virtual desktops may come with limited bandwidth or data usage, so it’s important to be mindful of how much you’re using. Heavy usage can result in slower performance or even additional fees. If you have a slow internet connection, make sure you choose a provider that offers low latency and optimized connection speeds.
  • Privacy: When using a free virtual desktop, your data may be stored and monitored by the provider. Be sure to review the provider’s privacy policy to understand how your data is collected, used, and shared. Some providers may collect data for marketing purposes, so be sure to opt-out if you don’t want to receive any promotional emails or ads.
  • Technical support: Free virtual desktop providers may offer limited technical support or none at all. Make sure the provider has a knowledge base or online support center to help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise.
  • Compatibility: Free virtual desktops may not support all software or applications. Make sure you choose a provider that offers the software you need to get your work done. Additionally, ensure that the provider offers compatibility with your operating system.
  • By keeping these considerations in mind, you can make the most of your free virtual desktop experience while ensuring the security and privacy of your data.

Conclusion – How to Get Virtual Desktop for Free

In conclusion, a virtual desktop can be a valuable tool for personal and business purposes. The benefits of virtual desktops are numerous, including cost savings, increased mobility, and enhanced security.

While there are several free virtual desktop providers available, it is important to keep in mind that there may be limitations and risks associated with using them.

It is crucial to consider the features, terms and conditions, and support provided by a virtual desktop provider before choosing one.

Ultimately, the decision to use a free virtual desktop service is up to the user, but by weighing the benefits and risks, one can make an informed decision and enjoy the benefits of a virtual desktop without breaking the bank.

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